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Through the course of an average day the acidic foods and beverages you enjoy, and the bacteria in your mouth, can work to degrade the microscopic mineral crystals of your tooth enamel. If this process is not countered somehow it can eventually lead to increased issues with tooth sensitivity and cavities.

Well established research has found that exposing your teeth to increased fluoride serves to restore these microscopic minerals. This process is known as remineralization, strengthens tooth enamel to reduce sensitivity and help prevent tooth decay.

If you’ve had issues with sensitive teeth or cavities from weakened tooth enamel your Cascade Dental Care dentist, might recommend a basic fluoride treatment. The treatment is brief and can usually be performed following one of your routine dental checkups.

Your dentist administers the fluoride treatment by pouring concentrated fluoride gel into trays held in your mouth for a few minutes. Afterward you should avoid eating or drinking to allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate the enamel of your teeth.

If you have well water, or you show significant signs of enamel erosion, your dentist might also recommend daily use of prescription fluoride supplements.

If you have tooth sensitivity issues or you’ve struggled with cavities recently, you should call Cascade Dental Care’s office in Longview, Washington at 360-425-8140 to set up an appointment.