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Are you making a dental first-aid kit? If so, good for you! Your kit can help you care for your teeth, gums, and smile if you ever suffer an oral injury. Unfortunately, oral injuries occur at any time, even at times when you think it’s not possible. So, keeping this kit handy can be very beneficial. To help you put the right tools and products in your dental first-aid kit, our dentist, Dr. Mark Teigen, encourages you to include these things:

-Medical-grade exam gloves (For examination of the injury)

-A dental mirror and flashlight (For examination of the injury)

-Save-a-Tooth System (For saving a knocked-out tooth)

-Temporary over-the-counter dental cement (For treating a lost crown, lost filling, or chipped tooth)

-Dental wax (For dealing with mouth irritation)

-Toothbrush and tweezers (For treating a lost crown, lost filling, or chipped tooth)

-Sterile gauze (To control bleeding)

-Tea bag (To control bleeding)

-Hydrogen peroxide (To clean the injured area)

-Floss (For eliminating pain)

-Ice pack (For eliminating pain and swelling)

-Orajel® (For eliminating pain)

-Pain medication (For eliminating pain)

To learn more about what to put in your dental first-aid kit in Longview, Washington, please reach out to Cascade Dental Care at 360-425-8140. Our dental team is here to give you the answers, tips, and information you need do you can help your smile in a dental emergency. We look forward to hearing from you!