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Are you aware there are multiple types of mouth guards to help protect your smile? Custom-made mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards, and stock guards all exist to help give your smile the protection it needs.

If you were looking for a customizable mouth guard designed to contour to your exact dental impression, use a custom-made mouth guard from your dentist or a boil and bite mouth guard.

Stock mouth guards are available for immediate use, but they come preformed and will not fit your exact dental profile. Once you have your mouth guard, consider the following treatments, techniques, and methods to employ:

– During routine dental examinations, bring in your mouth guard for an evaluation to ensure it is continuing to function properly.

– Always make sure your mouth guard is in excellent condition, so it can continue to take care of your mouth properly.

– Always make sure to rinse out your mouth after taking out your mouth guard and be sure to brush your teeth at least twice daily.

– Children often need to replace their mouth guards more often because they are more likely to outgrow them.

– Do not leave your mouth guard directly in the sun or in hot water.

– You should always store your mouth guard in a safe location that is free from prying eyes of small children and pets.

– It is essential to make sure that your mouth guard is functioning effectively, and if it should be showing signs of wear and tear, or if it is malfunctioning, it should be replaced.

– To clean your mouth guard, rinse it with cool soapy water and be sure to rinse it thoroughly afterward.

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