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If you’re an athlete participating in contact sports and other rugged athletic activities, you are aware of the value of using a mouth guard. Unfortunately, many athletes find stock mouth guards and boil and bite units to be uncomfortable and often impede their breathing. This leads some athletes to forgo wearing a retail level mouth guard, thus putting their teeth at risk for cracks, fractures or even being knocked out.

In the past some youth sports and adult athletic associations treated mouth guards as optional equipment. It was left up to the athlete to decide if they wanted to use one. Over the years more and more organizations have made mouth guards a requirement for practice and participation in all contact sports.

Fortunately, your dentist can fit you for a custom mouth guard. These units are made from special materials that can be custom fit to perfectly match your teeth and bite pattern. This provides you with the best protection for your mouth, while still being comfortable and allowing for ease of breathing.

As an added bonus, new research has found that custom fitted mouth guards can even can help prevent concussions and certain types of brain injury. With proper care and maintenance, the mouth guard can last for several years.

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