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Are you aware of the different types of mouth guards that can be used to protect your smile? Because a mouth guard is so important for keeping your teeth and gums safe damage to your smile, it is important to make sure that you have the right one in place during games, meets and practices. You also need to take proper care of it so that it can continue to function effectively and correctly.

There are three types of mouth guards. One of the most popular is custom-made mouth guards that can be designed by your dentist for your individual dental profile. Another option is boil and bite mouth guards that are boiled in water. When it has cooled, you bite down on it so it will conform to your bite. Thee final option is stock mouth guards, which can be purchased at many stores. They are-formed and ready-to-wear. However, they are not customized to your smile.

Once you have your mouth guard, make sure you’re applying the necessary care to keep it safe. Caring for your mouth guard includes always making sure it is free of debris and any germs that may be present. Clean it before and after you use it. When your mouth guard begin to wear down, replace it.

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