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Dr. Mark Teigen and Dr. Steven Kirkpatrick use a powerful dental-grade cement when placing a dental bridge to ensure that your new dental appliance is secure. However, this doesn’t mean your bridge is invulnerable; a blow to the face or gum disease can still weaken the cement.

When your bridge is placed, we will provide thorough instructions to reduce the risk of a loose bridge. If your dental bridge feels loose at any time, we offer some first-aid tips.

First, don’t wiggle or poke at the dental bridge or else these movements, though small, can cause damage to the abutment inside the bridge.

Second, use lukewarm water to rinse any blood or debris around the bridge, but don’t attempt to clean the bridge itself. Our skilled and trained dental team will handle any further cleaning to avoid additional damage.

Third, if a buildup of bacteria in the gum line has caused you to experience some failure in the dental cement, our dentist may be able to secure dental bridge by re-cementing it.

Fourth, we may need to perform a more invasive treatment if there is damage to the abutment.

Fifth, please call 360-425-8140 right away if you feel your dental bridge is loose and you need to visit Cascade Dental Care. Dr. Mark Teigen and our team are committed to helping you enjoy a strong, healthy dental bridge in Longview, Washington.