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The key to optimum oral health begins with guarding your smile against tooth hazards. Tooth hazard prevention is essential if you desire an optimal smile. Always make sure to prevent risks that could easily damage your teeth and your tooth enamel. Some dangers are easy to spot, and some are much more difficult to locate.

Traditional oral health hazards include contact sports and similar high-risk activities in which safety equipment is a must. In addition, bad habits such as smoking and doing drugs should be avoided, as should wearing mouth jewelry, which can easily result in oral accidents or infections.

A hidden tooth hazard that should be avoided at all costs are those caused by sugars. In your mouth, sugar can be converted into harmful acids capable of eating through your tooth enamel. By limiting your sugar intake, you can dramatically lower your risk of tooth decay and cavities. Other common foods and drinks that should be limited or avoided include chewy and sticky foods that can loiter around your mouth for an extended period of time, and hard foods, which can crack and chip your teeth.

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