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Dental issues can be extremely inconvenient, especially because they can cause severe pain and the treatments needed can also be costly. This is why our Cascade Dental Care dental team encourages you to strengthen and nourish your teeth with fluoride in Longview, Washington.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that is extremely beneficial for your teeth. In fact, it’s best to expose your teeth to fluoride each day. You can find fluoride in things like water and food. Fluoride strengthens and nourishes your teeth, giving them the ability to combat plaque growth and the effects of acid, which can help you avoid many dental issues. It is very important to consume the right amount of fluoride each day because your teeth tend to demineralize frequently. If you don’t get proper fluoride exposure, your teeth won’t be strong enough and your smile will be weak and vulnerable to issues like tooth decay, sensitivity, and gum disease.

The fluoride treatment Dr. Mark Teigen offers at our office is simple, easy, and painless. The treatment typically comes in the form of a foam, gel, or varnish, and it helps your teeth survive by giving them the ability to combat plaque and bacteria. After your professional dental cleaning and exam, your hygienist will place the fluoride onto your teeth and will set a timer. As the time passes, the minerals will soak into your smile. Once the time is up, you will rinse your mouth free from the fluoride treatment.

Call our office today at 360-425-8140 if you have any questions about fluoride or if you’re interested in a professional fluoride treatment. Our dental team will be more than happy to help you in any way we can if you just give us a call!