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If you have structural or cosmetic tooth problems, there are many restorative and cosmetic treatments available. One of the most versatile is dental crowns, as they can be used in both cosmetic and restorative treatments. Some of these treatments include the following:

-You need to protect a weak tooth from tooth decay or from breaking.
-You need to restore a tooth that has been broken or worn down.
-You need to cover and support a tooth that has a large filling but doesn’t have enough tooth structure to hold it.
-You need to hold a dental bridge in its place.
-You need to disguise a tooth that is extremely misshapen or discolored.
-You need to cover a dental implant.
-You need to improve the appearance of your smile.

After getting your dental crown, be sure you still keep up good hygiene habits. Crowns can’t be decayed, but don’t let that make you complacent. The tooth underneath it still can. Visit our office twice a year for regular cleanings with our dentist so we can help your teeth stay healthy and happy.

If you think crowns may be the answer to your cosmetic or restorative dentistry needs, call Cascade Dental Care today at 360-425-8140 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mark Teigen in Longview, Washington.