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If you have a bad habit of frequently skipping your oral hygiene routine, or if you don’t drink fluoridated water regularly, your tooth enamel may be lacking in mineral density, which can increase your risk of cavities. Our dentist may recommend prescription fluoride supplements to keep your teeth resilient to tooth decay.

If needed, you can receive professional fluoride treatment in office at the end of a dental checkup as a convenient means to enhance the quality of the tooth enamel. However, if you are showing symptoms of weak tooth enamel, Dr. Mark Teigen and Dr. Steven Kirkpatrick may also prescribe a fluoride supplement for you to take regularly at home.

Your type of fluoride supplement may come in the form of a potent toothpaste or mouth rinse with a high fluoride concentration. We recommend that you use the supplement before going to sleep at night or any time that you can go without eating or drinking for an hour at minimum. The fluoride needs time to penetrate the tooth enamel in order to be effective.

Along with using a fluoride supplement, be sure you are effectively cleaning your smile. You should be using a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to brush twice a day, and then floss along the gum line and between each tooth.

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