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If you happen to suffer an oral accident or injury, do not fret, as there are a plethora of tooth restoration treatments available to you to ensure your teeth can return to an ideal state of health and functionality. Here are some effective tooth restoration therapies that you may find of use:

– Although not all teeth whitening treatments are equal, those professionally administered by your dentist at our office are guaranteed to be highly safe and effective, with custom mouth guards that brighten your teeth uniformly over the surface of the tooth as intended. Even a single whitening treatment can greatly improve your smile.

– Dental crowns conceal teeth down to the gums for a sturdy hold that can protect the tooth from further damage, including cavities. Dental crowns can last for over two decades and in some cases, can survive the rigors of life and the wear and tear on your teeth to last a lifetime.

– A dental veneer is a thin, yet durable shell that can be custom crafted and designed for each tooth to be placed on the front of. With dental veneers, smiles can be crafted to the exact look you require.

– Dental fillings are an ideal form of tooth restoration for teeth that have suffered from cavities and dental erosion. Some dental fillings, such as composite fillings, can easily be repaired and replaced if necessary, and can even be shaded to match the natural color of your teeth.

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