At Cascade Dental Care, our dentists and team practice state-of-the-art antiseptic procedures. Antiseptic procedures, which are also known as sterilization, are essential for the safety of our patients. Effective sterilization also ensures that productivity in the dental office does not suffer. Infection control and sterilization include the cleaning of all reusable dental instruments. All instruments are cleaned prior to sterilization. The process is carried out in a safe, careful manner to avoid injury and puncture wounds. We regularly test the sterility of our instruments and devices to insure that our sterilizer is correctly sterilizing our dental instruments and devices. This ensures that our equipment is safe for use on patients.

Dr. Teigen, Dr. Kirk, and our dental team utilize state-of-the-art sterilization in Longview, Washington, because we care about you and your health and safety. We strive to ensure that no infection is spread in our office. Please feel free to contact our dental office today to learn more about how we work to protect your health and to schedule your next appointment.