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Have you heard about dental sealant but are unsure what it does and how it works? It is a cavity prevention treatment that is used for children and adults. Sealant is usually used for the back teeth, where it can do the best job, but what a job it can do.

Sealant is made of a special plastic, which is designed to rest safely in your mouth. Dr. Mark Teigen applies it in a thin layer over the back teeth, which hardens in a few minutes. It forms a wall between your teeth and bacteria who cause cavities, keeping them from doing such things to your teeth.

The nice thing about sealant is that it can be invisible. The material can be made see-through and applied so thinly that your teeth can look and feel as normal as ever. Even taste, if it is present at all, should not register on your tongue.

Sealant can be provided for people of any age. However, they can be really beneficial for children. The back teeth usually start appearing around age six. We can place the sealant on them as soon as they show up, which can help your children have that extra layer of protection in the early part of their lives.

If you would like to try dental sealant for your children or for yourself, we can provide it here at Cascade Dental Care in Longview, Washington. If you would like to reach us, you can do so by calling 360-425-8140. No matter what age you are at, we are happy to help you prevent cavities!