Harmful Foods Can Harm Your Teeth

Did you know there are some foods that can physically harm your teeth? Yes, it’s true! There are some items we consume each day that can damage your teeth or cause spur on conditions like cavities and gum disease, putting your teeth and oral health at risk for painful and disastrous conditions. That is why… Read more »

Curious About Dental Sealant?

Have you heard about dental sealant but are unsure what it does and how it works? It is a cavity prevention treatment that is used for children and adults. Sealant is usually used for the back teeth, where it can do the best job, but what a job it can do. Sealant is made of… Read more »

Knowledge Foundation: Mouth Guards

Are you aware of the different types of mouth guards that can be used to protect your smile? Because a mouth guard is so important for keeping your teeth and gums safe damage to your smile, it is important to make sure that you have the right one in place during games, meets and practices…. Read more »

Saliva: The Facts You Should Know

If you’re interested in knowing all about your mouth and smile, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to help you. Today, would like to tell you all about saliva. Saliva is very beneficial for your teeth, gums and overall oral health. To help you know all there is to know about saliva in , ,… Read more »

Electric Toothbrushes: Common Questions Asked

If you have questions about electric toothbrushes, then our dentists, Dr. Mark Teigen and Dr. Steven Kirkpatrick, would like to help you find the answers. The more you know, the better. So, is happy to give you the answers you’re looking for by proving the answers to commonly asked questions here: Q: What type of… Read more »

Enhance Your Tooth Quality With Fluoride Supplements

If you have a bad habit of frequently skipping your oral hygiene routine, or if you don’t drink fluoridated water regularly, your tooth enamel may be lacking in mineral density, which can increase your risk of cavities. Our dentist may recommend prescription fluoride supplements to keep your teeth resilient to tooth decay. If needed, you… Read more »

Talk to Your Dentist About Tooth Hazard Treatments

When you are ready to implement a new oral health care routine, it’s a good idea to think about how it’s going to affect your teeth and gums and your risk for potential tooth hazards. In addition, it’s always a good idea for being prepared for any dental damage that can arise by having an… Read more »

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Prevention Tips

Baby bottle tooth decay is an ailment impacting the oral cavity, teeth, and gums of children younger than the age of 6. When a child develops Baby bottle tooth decay, their mouth is affected by cavities and could also see potential tooth loss. If you’re meticulous with your child’s dental care at home and you… Read more »

Tips on What You Should Have in Your Dental First-Aid Kit

Are you making a dental first-aid kit? If so, good for you! Your kit can help you care for your teeth, gums, and smile if you ever suffer an oral injury. Unfortunately, oral injuries occur at any time, even at times when you think it’s not possible. So, keeping this kit handy can be very… Read more »

Oral Health Keys: Mouth Guards

Are you aware there are multiple types of mouth guards to help protect your smile? Custom-made mouth guards, boil and bite mouth guards, and stock guards all exist to help give your smile the protection it needs. If you were looking for a customizable mouth guard designed to contour to your exact dental impression, use… Read more »