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Bad breath, or halitosis has been the subject or jokes over the years. But if you suffer from it, it’s not funny and can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

So how can you fight bad breath?

First of all, you can practice good oral hygiene. You should brush after every meal or at least twice a day. When you brush, be sure to include your tongue. Flossing at least once before bed will remove food particles between your teeth that can contribute to the problem. If you wear dentures or other dental appliances, keep them clean. Although they aren’t natural teeth, appliances can still harbor food particles and bacteria which can lead to bad breath. You should get a new toothbrush every three months, or as soon as your current one begins to show signs of wear. A number of mouthwashes and rinses are available over the counter that can combat the problem.

Tobacco use of any kind can be a major factor for halitosis. If you use tobacco, it’s time to quit.

Bad breath may be caused by tooth decay, disease, or by another medical condition. You dentist will be able to diagnose the cause and recommend a course of treatment. Soft drinks, coffee and alcohol can dry out your mouth making the halitosis problem worse. And your diet can certainly add to the problem.Seeing your dentist for regular cleanings and exams is a big part of winning the bad breath battle.

If you have persistent bad breath, Dr. Mark Teigen can help. Our team at Cascade Dental Care can help you to identify the cause of your bad breath, and to find solutions through your oral health routine or through a procedure in our office. Call us today in Longview, Washington, at 360-425-8140 to schedule an appointment.